Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Going Native

Mike told me at dinner Sunday that he had developed a new appreciation for cole slaw since moving to Wisconsin. As he said this, he took a big swig of his micro brew.   What about beer? I asked.   Oh yeah, beer too.   I thought this was all good news.  

The real test will be the brats, though.  When we first moved here last year, our brother in law -- who is from Milwaukee and can build a canoe -- was surprised to learn that Mike really didn't like brats.  

"Interesting," he said, looking as if he were contemplating a paradigm shift.   "Brats are like a way of life here.  To you, they're like, just a word."  

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Catherine said...

May I share that my BIL offered me a Cheddarwurst the last time I was in upstate NY? yuk to me. And you? Does being from WI mean that you like your cheese and sausage to be as one?